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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen would you kindly put your hands together and welcome 'No Shave November' once more! :)

So here it is that time of the year when the boys and men can have fun and all for a good cause too!
Almost the whole year round, our social networking accounts are filled with photos of pretty girls and women posing and taking selfies. The places can range from their current holiday destinations to any parking lot or even a restroom! Ladies - the sensitive and tender beings - certainly have fun and definitely do it all in great taste! Thank you girls and ladies! We enjoy looking at the pics too!

Though at times we feel some of you may have overdone it a bit! :D  There I see you taking out your long nails and scalpels!! Chill Girls! We believe and embrace 'Peace' for this whole month of November! :D

And now, it is time for the boys and the men to take over! So all you girls and ladies,  will now look at us!!

Why? Because it is the time to Disco!

We men (not Women), will now be posting our selfies and photos on our internet profiles - Facebook, Instagram et al and all you girls and women will be left staring at us! :D

In a nutshell, it is the 'time to disco.' The Rocking 'No Shave November' time is here folks! 

We men would now be posting our beautiful photos in all the unkempt glory - to be precise in our wild mustachioed and bearded glory! :D

And you dear girls and ladies will see it all  - Moustaches and beards of all styles, shapes and sizes!!  

Have fun folks - girls and ladies! :D

  The girls and women are requested to read this complete piece till the end. Because we need your all important support in spreading awareness for this movement. Mo-Sista play the most important role in this movement of 'No Shave November.' :)

And I reckon the boys and young men reading this and who would be venturing into this fabulous 'No Shave November' movement for the first time would be knowing the all important reason for ‘No Shave November.’ In case some folks do not know the reason behind this movement, here it is!

So Why ‘No Shave November’? 

Well, the 'No Shave November' is a yearly event that initiates participation from all around the globe. The reason behind this movement of 'No Shave November' is to grow awareness among people from all over and to educate them about cancer. We men are encouraged to embrace our hair and to let it grow freely in its all wild glory. As most readers would know that ‘hair’ is what many cancer patients tend to lose.

Thus the idea is, to save the money that one would typically spend on shaving and grooming, to further create awareness and to educate people about cancer and its prevention. The final goal is to save lives and support those fighting the battle with the pernicious cancer!

Are No Shave November and Movember the same?

Technically no but the ultimate goal of these non-profit organizations is to create awareness about men’s health. While No Shave November wants you to grow your beard,  Movember specifically wants you to grow your Mo – moustache!

Can the Women be a part of  it?

Well, technically they cannot directly participate but most importantly they spread awareness about this movement by their continuing support. Women are the most important members of this movement! 

The ‘MoSista’ – that’s how Movember addresses the women – play a vital role in supporting and creating awareness about men’s health. A woman can be a part of the various community activities like marathons, events etc to raise awareness for the issue.

How to be a part of No Shave November or Movember?

These are international NGOs working towards men’s health and you can officially start by signing up on their respective websites which are and

Once registered, share your association on your social networking profiles and let the world know that you are doing your bit to create awareness about men’s health.

So have fun and create awareness among your friends and families! And before I sign off enjoy this song from the boys of  Starlite Radio. 

Happy No Shave November! :)

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