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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sylvia Plath

If I said that I admire Sylvia Plath then it would be a humongous understatement. She is my reason to reading and writing poetry. I have been obsessively reading her poetry right from my college. Her poetry has been bewitching me right from then. Every single night I have been reading her words and lines. Most times I talk to her. Our conversations are about myriad topics but mostly about life, love, obsession and passion!

Deeply anguished that she took away her own life at such a tender age, I have been grieving ever since.

Melancholic and deeply morose I would read her poems.

And in my quest to know more about the man in her life ( feminist writers claim Ted Hughes caused her to take away her own life), I have been reading extensively about the man they called Ted Hughes.

But I have to admit it here, I write poetry because of Sylvia Plath.I am obsessively and passionately in love with Sylvia Plath. I will always love Sylvia Plath.

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  1. Desiring the things that will destroy you. I know that feeling so well!