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Monday, October 31, 2016

Precious Flowers

'Precious Flowers' is one of my first poems to be published in WordWine - the Anthology of Contemporary Poetry of Delhi Poetree. I have written this from an incident that took place in Delhi. I was once driving towards Rajouri Garden in my car with my family when I met this young girl selling flowers at the traffic signal nearby to the Rajouri Metro Station. She was unkempt and in torn clothes as so many other girls of her age are from poor families. Instead of playing with toys and dolls she like so many other girls from the poorest families of Delhi have to sell flowers, toys or other sundry items to the people stopping by in their cars and bikes at these traffic signals. They have to do this work even in the hot scorching summer of Delhi to support their families. But the thing which stood out in this girl was the pride with which she went about selling the flowers. There was an honesty in her eyes. And her integrity shone in all radiance. So I had to buy them flowers, the most precious that money could ever buy!

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