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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Poet Avijeet Das has been NOMINATED for the SABOTEUR AWARDS 2018!


Hello everyone,

I am elated to share with all of you - my readers, fans, students, fellow writers, friends, and family -  the GREAT NEWS that I and my POETRY BOOK |"A Handful of Shiulis" have been NOMINATED for the SABOTEUR AWARDS 2018!

My Poetry Book and I have been NOMINATED for the Scintillating Saboteur Awards, 2018!

It is indeed your love and good wishes that my Poetry Book "A Handful of Shiulis" has now been NOMINATED for The Best Poetry Pamphlet Award in the Saboteur Awards 2018.

Along with this nomination, I have also been NOMINATED for the Wild Card Award.

And my Esteemed Publishers Clare Songbirds Publishing House have already been NOMINATED for the Most Innovative Publisher Award.

So if you like my writing then please do vote for me, my poetry book, and my publishers.

The rules are simple: one entry per person (or computer!)

For your entry to count, you need to nominate in a minimum of three categories.

Please Vote for:

1. Poetry Pamphlet - "A Handful of Shiulis" by Avijeet Das

2. Wild Card - Avijeet Das

3 Innovative Publisher - Clare Songbirds Publishing House

Each vote will count and take me and my book along with my publishers to the FINAL ROUND!

The link for Voting:


Thank you and Great regards,


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